Christel Koop

Associate Professor of Political Economy


I am an Associate Professor of Political Economy (Senior Lecturer in the UK system) in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London. Previously, I was a Fellow in Public Policy and Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where I am still a research associate of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation. I obtained my PhD degree from the European University Institute, and hold a BA and MPhil degree from Leiden University.

I am interested in the insulation of policy-making from politics and the electoral process, both at the domestic and European level, and particularly in the field of economic regulation. My research so far has focused on the independence, accountability, performance and politicisation of arm’s length bodies.


You can also find my articles via Google Scholar; for earlier versions of pay-walled articles, please see my ResearchGate page.

Current projects

The research projects I am currently working on are:

  • “Regulators and central banks under pressure: Analysing communicative responses” (Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship 2020-2021).
  • Independent regulatory agencies and central banks have come under growing public and political pressure since the global financial crisis. Whilst their independence has always been criticised for a lack of legitimacy, their performance is now also increasingly contested. How have the organisations responded to this pressure? In this project, I analyse the speeches delivered by their key decision-makers between 2000 and 2019. Has the focus shifted toward consumer interests and citizen trust? Has their scope increased, and their complexity decreased? By analysing speeches, the project will shed light on the communicative and strategic responses of unelected bodies under pressure.

  • “Agenda-setting under pressure: The influence of national politics on the European Commission”, with Christine Reh and Edoardo Bressanelli
  • “COVID-19 and people's health-wealth preferences: Information effects and policy implications”, with Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Kostas Matakos, Aslı Unan and Nina Weber (see also VoxEU)


I am interested in supervising PhD projects in areas within my research expertise, especially regulatory policy and decision-making by arm’s length bodies.

Current PhD researchers

Graduated PhD researchers



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